Andinas is continuously evolving and adapting its designs to the season’s trends. We work for our customers, to fulfil their needs. We innovate day after day to get the best slippers. Andinas has over thirty years of experience on the production of home footwear. From the beginning of our business we have used the best materials and the best infrastructures to offer the best quality in our products.

The selection process of our materials is key to obtain a first-class finish. These materials come from a selection process from different suppliers so that the final result is perfect for everybody.

Andinas is different not only because of our materials, such as the anti-slip sole or the special Microporous EVA, but because of our production process, our expert hands and our latest technology, which make our slippers a unique and different product in the market. In addition to our attention and our customized service to clients, we like being in contact with the product until it reaches the hands of our customers.