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General Conditions of Use

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the CALZADOS PUCHE, SL Web Site, which is accessed through the primary domain name, as well as through all those domain names that allow direct access to certain sections or web pages belonging to the Web Site.

Object of this Web Site

The purpose of this website is to provide commercial information about products or services of the company CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L.


Access and/or use of CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. Web Site entails the status of USER. The use or access to this Site implies the knowledge and full acceptance of the present General Conditions and of those which, at any moment, can be established by CALZADOS PUCHE, SL. Therefore, every visitor or user shall be responsible for the careful reading of the General Conditions of Use in force each time this Web Site is accessed. Should the USER not agree with any or all of the following terms, he/she must refrain from accessing the Website and/or using the contents and/or services available. In any case, the user, through his/her access, accepts the general conditions of the contract.

Use of the Web

This website provides access to information, services or programs or data, hereinafter the CONTENTS on the Internet. Through this Website, users are provided with the access and use of several services and contents made available by CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. or by third parties.

The USER bears the responsibility for the use of the portal. The user agrees to use the Website and the Content and/or Services herein diligently and correctly, for strictly personal, private and non-commercial purposes.

As unauthorized use of the web, the user agrees to: not to use the Website for the performance of activities contrary to law, fundamental rights, morality, accepted good customs or established public order and for purposes or effects which are illegal, prohibited or contrary to the rights and interests of third parties, including the diffusion or association with websites whose content is obscene, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, an apology for terrorism or infringe on human rights, with CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. refusing any liability which may arise of the foregoing.

The user is expressly prohibited from authorizing third parties to use, in whole or in part, the Website or to introduce and/or incorporate as, or in, an activity CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. own content and/or services therein incorporated.

It is expressly prohibited the use or application of any technical, logical or technological resources by means of which the users can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, of the unauthorized exploitation of the Contents and/or Services of the Website.

The user undertakes to refrain from using the Contents and Services in any way that may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the Website or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of it by other users.

The user undertakes not to cause damage to the website, nor to the computer systems of its suppliers or of third parties.

The user undertakes not to capture data or content for advertising purposes.


CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. reserves the right to make any modifications it deems appropriate in its Web pages without prior notice, so that CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. may change, delete or add both the contents and services provided through them and the way in which they appear presented or located on their Sites. In any case, these General Conditions of Use shall be in force until the publication, if that is the case, of the new ones.

Refusal of Access

In any case, CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its Web sites and/or offered services without prior notice, at its own request or at a third party’s request to those USERS who do not comply with the conditions of use.

Cookies policy

Cookies make possible to customize and facilitate the USER browsing the web.
Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and his/her computer and they do not provide any references which make possible to obtain any personal data of the USER.
CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. may use cookies on its website, allowing the USER to configure his/her browser so that the setting of cookies can be notified and giving this way the possibility to reject their installation if he/she is not interested.

Links Policy

Any person who intends to establish a link between their website and CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. website must meet the following conditions:

The user shall neither reproduce nor imitate all or part of the content of this web site. The use of framing and linked links as "inline links" of the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. web page is not admitted. Should a link be created it must be to the main page, "deep links" not being admitted.

The webpage in which the link is established shall not contain any brand, trade name, logo, slogan, industrial design or any other industrial or intellectual property rights belonging to the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. group, with the exception of those signs that are part of the same link or those other properties which may have been previously licensed in writing by CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L.

The website on which the link is established shall not contain any information or illegal content contrary to morality, fundamental rights, good customs and public order. The provisions in the section of Unauthorized Use of the portal apply.

The establishment of a link with pages that host content or provide services which are contrary to the rights of third parties is also not allowed.

No false, inaccurate or denigratory statements or indications about the website shall be made. It is not allowed to declare or imply that CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. or any of the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L.s of the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. group collaborates or is a collaborating partner or that in any way the contents or services offered or made available in the web page from which the link is established have been supervised or assumed in any way.

Linking Disclaimer

In the event that websites link to hyperlinks to other websites, CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. shall not exercise any type of control over said sites and contents.

In no case shall CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to a third party website and therefore the quality, accessibility, reliability, accuracy, truthfulness and legality of any type of material or information contained in these websites is not guaranteed. In no case is there an association between CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. website and linked external pages.

Disclaimer of Liability

CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. does not accept responsibility in any case for damages of any nature that may be caused, by way of example, by: errors or omissions in the contents, lack of availability of the portal or the spread of viruses or malicious programs or harmful content, in spite of having taken all necessary technological measures to avoid it.

Forums and debates: CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. is not responsible for any statements or opinions that might be expressed in the different permanent forums, bulletins or occasional gatherings that, if appropriate, will be developed within this Website. Notwithstanding, CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. shall always seek the correct use of these mechanisms or services, and shall ensure maximum respect for the dignity of persons and freedom of expression protected by the Spanish Constitution. In any case CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. reserves the right to refuse or eliminate any statements with illegal content or which are considered to be inconvenient without being required to provide any justification or explanation, as soon as it has effective knowledge of them.

The users of these services shall avoid any kind of false, abusive, obscene, threatening or otherwise current legislation infringing statement, and shall show respectful treatment to third parties, either participants or not in forums or gatherings.

Information: the information, both own and provided by third parties, which appear on this Website are provided "as is", without guarantees of any kind as to its accuracy and update. Therefore, CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. is not responsible for the possible damages that the use of the same might cause. CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. is committed to do everything possible to prevent the existence in its Site of illegal content and, in the event it has effective knowledge of these contents, eliminate them or prevent access to them. However, the legality of the contents supplied on the basis of information given by third parties as providers, collaborators or users is not guaranteed.

Errors: In relation to what is mentioned in the previous paragraph, published documents may contain technical inconsistencies or unintentional typographical errors, of which CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. is not responsible. In any case, the owner of this Website apologizes for those errors, undertakes to rectify such irregularities as soon as possible and is grateful for any comments, rectification or suggestion in this respect, which the user can send to

Minors: CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. is not responsible for the possible damages that the use of the services by minors can cause. Parents and legal representatives shall be held responsible for all acts performed by the minors in their charge.

Privacy: CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. does not guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this Site, as unauthorized third parties may have knowledge of the same and of the circumstances in which it is implemented.

Technical dysfunctions: CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. is exempted from any liability arising from the malfunction of the Site or any of its services which originates in an accidental circumstance, such as unavailability of the portal, force majeure, necessary maintenance work or any other cause not attributable to it.

Data Collect

The collection of personal data shall be performed through the forms published on the website of CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. with the aim of being able to perform the services requested and accepted by customers or users.

Communications from CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. to the User shall be carried out according to the data provided by himself/herself at the moment of registering in the web and the User expressly accepts that CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. may send commercial or advertising communications to the email address provided.

The User expressly accepts and for all communications related to the use of the Web the use of electronic mail as a valid procedure for the referral in said communications.

Professional confidentiality

All private communications between CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. and customers/users shall be considered as confidential. In addition, information of any kind exchanged by both parties, the information agreed upon by both parties and the information on the confidential information shall also be confidential.

We recommend the customer not to provide any third party with his/her Customer ID, password or reference numbers which, if applicable, CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. may provide you with. In addition, to ensure that the protection of professional secrecy between CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. and the Client/User is preserved in all communications, the Client/User should endeavor not to disclose his or her confidential information to any third party.

Data Protection Standards:

In accordance with the current Data Protection and Information Society and Electronic Commerce regulations, the user ACCEPS that their personal data provided to CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. shall be incorporated into files whose owner is CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L., with the purpose of providing the requested services, for the correct identification of the users who request personalized services through the web, for the making of statistics which allow the study of better services to be rendered, for the management of basic administration tasks as well as to keep you informed, both through e-mail and other means, of news, products, services and activities related to the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. and its purposes. For commercial communications via email, the user expressly consents to the sending of advertising through the said medium.

In compliance with the provisions of the L.O. 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and other related legislation, users as owners of their personal data may exercise at any time the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, by email to the Address

Assignment of Personal Information to Third Parties

CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. does not sell, assign, lease, or transmit in any way information or personal data of its Customers/Users to third parties.

Changes in the Security and Data Protection Policy

CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. reserves the right to modify its security and data protection policy in a discretionary manner, at any time and without prior notice, always in accordance with the current Spanish legislation on data protection, with effect from the date of publication of said modification in CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L.

Industrial and Intellectual Property
This web site, as well as the contents, designs, brands and services which integrate it are property or are under the control of CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L., being protected without limitation by the laws of Spanish industrial and intellectual property, as well as the different international treaties that are applicable.

CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. is the exclusive owner by itself or as assignee of all similar intellectual and industrial property rights that may vest on the website.

Likewise CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. or any of the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L.s that make up the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. group reserves the rights on contents, services or elements of its ownership which are incorporated into the website.

All rights reserved, under the provisions of the Law of Intellectual Property, the following activities are expressly prohibited: reproduction, distribution and public communication, including its modality of making available, for commercial or advertising purposes, all or part of the contents of this page Web, in any medium and by any technical means, without the express authorization of CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L.

The USER agrees to respect the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property which are owned by of CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. or of any of the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L.s of the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. group

Expiration and Modification of the Site

While, in principle, the duration of this Site is undetermined, CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the provision of its services or contents, in whole or in part, at any time, and without prior notice to its users.

Likewise, the information, presentation and services offered by this Site may be subjected by CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. to periodic or occasional changes, susceptible of being taken freely by CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. without it having the obligation of communicating it to users.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The relationship between CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. and the USER shall be governed by the current Spanish regulations and any dispute shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Elche. In the event of non-existence of commercial courts in the city of Elche, those of Alicante shall be competent.

CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. and/or any CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. of the CALZADOS PUCHE, S.L. group reserves the right to exercise all criminal and civil actions in case of unauthorized use or breach of these conditions